Administrative Assistants

How often are Administrative Assistants given a “Thank You” for all their efforts?  The answer would surprise you. Some bosses don’t acknowledge their assistant for what they do. Why you may ask would that happen?

Some don’t because they fear a sexual harrassment case may happen. Others don’t because they forget to with all the hussle and running to this and that meeting.

Some assistants are only acknowledged during the office birthdays. Others are acknowledged for their years of service. Most work hard and are like adhesive bandages, keeping the workplace in order and running smooth.

Some just want a simple thank you to let them know you care about them and what they do.  Thus the celebration week of “Administrative Assistants Week”. This is a week that the boss can acknowledge the admin assistant for a job well done, say thank you, or keep up the good work.

All of us need that from time to time, but those who are your right hand person whether male or female truly deserve it especially when they keep the boss out of hot water.  Don’t forget them.


I am a 27 year Retired US Army Veteran who works hard in the floral industry to provide quality floral arrangements, gift baskets, silk floral, wedding flowers for all who enjoy getting treated special on a regular basis. I've been doing flowers for over 20 years and I love what I do.

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